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WordPress Mobile Plugin

Convert your site to full compatibility for mobile devices and enjoy customized visuals and the ultimate usability.

Obox Mobile
Obox Mobile
Obox Mobile
Obox Mobile
Obox Mobile

A widgetized sidebar

The first WordPress mobile plugin with a sidebar for all your favourite widgets as well as search, categories, latest posts and more.

Customise your visuals

The innovative Visual customizer features a live canvas, enabling you to brand your mobile site exactly to your requirements by changing colors, fonts, logos and backgrounds.

Optimize your homepage

Obox Mobile's flexible homepage allows you to display specific content in different layouts and orders depending on your needs.

Change the design without touching the code

Styling your site to fit your brand is critical, which is why we've made color customization as thorough and easy as possible.

  • Cutom Header

    Ensure your header design is perfect for your brand by customising colors or adding your logo.

  • Font & Colors

    Select the colors of all body elements, as well as the font for your mobile site.

  • Save your styles

    Once you've created a color scheme you like, you can save it and experiment with a different one without losing the original, ensuring you create the perfect visual identity for your brand.

Obox Mobile Visual Customizer
  • Custom CSS

    If the Visual customizer doesn't provide the amount of creative freedom you're looking for, you can go deeper with a Custom CSS block for more advanced changes.

  • Logos & Icons

    Upload your company logo as a special icon for iPhone and Android, as well as a loading screen for App Mode.

  • Footer

    Add the footer text you require, and change the colors and font to enhance your design.

Full Feature List

Great features, gorgeous design, excellent support and an ever growing feature list. Can it get any better?

  • Advert manager

    Sell advertising space on your mobile site with the built-in Obox Advert Manager.

  • Author blocks

    Display all the details of your post authors, perfect for blogger networks.

  • Automatic image resizing

    Obox uses the safe and secure WordPress image resizer to do away with manual resizing, saving time and ensuring better results.

  • Control comments

    Elect whether to display or hide comments in posts, pages or both.

  • Control menus

    Enjoy ultimate control of how your menu items show up on your website.

  • Control thumbnails

    Choose whether to display or hide post images in post lists, pages or both.

  • Display post meta

    Decide what 'meta' items you'd like to display such as author name, categories, date of post and post tags.

  • Documentation

    Easy-to-understand and in-depth, our plugin docs are constantly kept updated to help you with your theme.

  • oEmbed functionality

    Enabling your theme to automatically create video thumbnails and display statistics like views and plays.

  • Feature slider

    All our themes offer a slick homepage feature slider to showcase your latest work, posts or products.

  • Flexible homepage

    Use the simple drag-and-drop widget system to control your homepage layout, giving you endless design possibilities.

  • Footer text

    Add your own footer copyright text.

  • Force excerpts

    Select whether to automatically display a summary of your post on the home and list pages.

  • Force mobile activation

    Switch on this feature to force your site to display in mobile mode regardless of the device your visitor is using.

  • Logo uploading

    Maintain your site's branding with a logo uploader that allows for multiple logos to be stored for various uses.

  • Multi language support

    Translate themes into your preferred language.

  • Social linking

    Share on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, available in each post.

  • Site analytics

    Track visitors who view your site via their mobile devices by inserting your Google Analytics code through a simple form in the settings panel.

  • Threaded commenting

    All themes come with built-in threaded commenting, meaning better conversations for your visitors.

  • Visual customizer

    Determine the look and feel of your mobile site using the built-in visual color customizer.

  • Widgetized sidebar

    Include a pop-out sidebar with all your favourite widgets, including search, categories, latest posts and more.

  • Works on all smartphones

    Obox Mobile works on iPhones, Androids, Nokia smartphones, Blackberry and Opera Mobile-based browsers.

Never manually resize an image again

Our themes do all the heavy lifting for you, from automatically resizing images to hosting your videos.

Video & image resizing

By using the safe & secure WordPress image resizer, there's no more need to resize images manually. We do it for you!

oEmbed functionality

oEmbed enables your theme to display videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other popular websites.

Self-hosted videos

Want to host your own videos? You can do that as well. Our themes give you the ability to upload your own easily.

We're here to help you make something great

Our efforts go into making installation as easy as can be for you. Purchasing an Obox product grants you a minimum of one year of free support from our friendly and experienced team.


Our efforts go into making installation as easy as can be with each product being meticulously documented to ensure setup and mastery is a breeze.

Friendly support

If you need support, we aim to solve the challenges you're having, fast. Our friendly support team are ready and waiting to help you.

Frequent updates

We have a strong commitment to code quality and keeping things progressive with frequent updates keeping your site running as smoothly as possible.

Plugin Pricing Options

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  • Access to setup and technical support
  • Domain Usage
  • Prioritised support
  • Advanced support assistance
  • Plugin settings panel
  • Future updates
  • Editable CSS files
  • Layered image files (Fireworks & Photoshop)

Standard Pack

$79 Once off
  • 1 Plugin
  • 12 Months
  • Unlimited
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Premium Pack

$139 Once off
  • 1 Plugin
  • 24 Months
  • Unlimited
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