WordPress Landing Page Plugin

A free plugin that enables you to setup a beautiful pre-launch landing page to let users know what you're launching and when you're launching it.

Works with any theme

It doesn't matter whether you use an Obox Theme, a free theme or even a custom built theme, Launchpad will work on any kind of WordPress installment.

Count down timer

Set the date and time of your site launch and a countdown timer will appear on your landing page. we've included an 'Auto Launch' switch which will help you save face when you go live.

Social linking

Add links to your favourite social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and Tumblr so that users can be kept in the loop in real time.

Newsletter subscription

Allow visitors to stay in the loop with latest news and launch times by adding a subscriber form to the landing page.

It's responsive

A responsive/fluid layout means that users visiting your site will get the same awesome experience no matter what device they are using.

Customization options

Upload your own logo, choose a background from eleven pre-packaged options and even add your own font to suit your brand.

It's completely free!

Simply register now and gain access to this amazing plugin.

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