We are Obox

...a bespoke WordPress Development Agency.

Some time in the month June in 2008, two brothers sat on a couch and announced on their video blog that in 31 days, they’d launch a WordPress theme company to the world.

After working at least 18hrs every day for 31 days in a row, Obox Themes was launched to the world and ready for business.

A lot has happened in 14 years, including building some incredible WordPress products, a page builder used by 1 million people and acquired by Elementor, and even one of our founders changing their career to become a racing driver

Since launch in 2008, Obox has built:

Over 100 WordPress Plugins

Over 400 WordPress Themes

One Incredible Page Builder called LayersWP

Countless websites powered by WordPress

... that's great, but where are our products now? 

Well here’s the thing, Obox now focusses on helping businesses build their WordPress products.

Since Obox has built and released so many commercial grade products, our team knows how to products which are used by thousands, even millions of users.

We also help some companies maintain their WordPress sites and, bonus, we build and maintain Shopify sites too.

Maybe we can help you with your site?

Greetings from Cape Town!